Thursday, September 29, 2005

Preparations & Goodbyes

Well things are getting busy, as we prepare for the move. Therese has left work - saying a tearful goodbye to the House of Commons for a couple of years. We've started our round of goodbyes and farewell outings as well, culminating in the official London bash at the weekend in Vinopolis, followed by Maggie Jones's.

We're scheduled to move out next Tuesday & Wednesday, so you might not hear much more from us until we are moved into our flat in Japan the following Tuesday. I'll make sure to send everyone the address and phone no. before we go.

As if this wasn't enough, it is our first wedding anniversary on Sunday - amazing how quickly a year goes by! We're celebrating by spending a night in the Great House in Lavenham,, the place where we got engaged almost 3 years ago.

BTW if anyone fancies buying a delightful, 2 bedroom, terraced cottage then we'd be much obliged - check out The photos don't do it justice, it's actually much nicer than that - honest!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Home in Hiroshima

Below is a photo from the window of our new flat in Hiroshima. As you can see we're by one of the 7 rivers in Hiroshima, Enko-gawa in our case.

In contrast here are some pictures of our home in Kelvedon, we will really miss it, especially since we have spent so much time and effort in doing it up.

Up & Running....

Welcome to Martin and Thérèse's blog!!

This is going to be our online record of our adventures in Japan over the next two years. That is until I sort out a better website...but in the mean time, we hope you like it.