Sunday, December 11, 2005

Photos of snow & other random stuff

As I mentioned before there was great excitement at the arrival of snow in Hiroshima this week, albeit for a short time. Here's some pictures to give you some idea of what it was like

Therese has been out and about with the camera this week, snapping whatever quirky things catch her eye. This weeks entries are:

Mobile Phone Promotion Girl with Yellow Balloon strapped to her back

Mobile Phone Promotion girls are a common site in and around the centre of Hiroshima. They are invariably dressed in ridiculous costumes, but the huge yellow balloon deserved a photo. They are also always very upbeat and smiley, despite the thankless task of pestering shoppers and as you can see they are quite happy to have their photo taken. Of course once Therese had asked to take her photo, every tourist within 100 yards decided they wanted a photo too, so the poor girl was stood there for 5 mins before she could escape.

Over Priced Food Hampers

It seems to be quite common to give everyday items like food, drink and even washing powder as gifts, just as long as it is nicely packaged. Sticking to our theme of food, here's a fine example of what you might find under your Christmas Tree in Hiroshima - a Melon, 2 Apples & 2 Pears. Price £33.50, bargain!

And just to prove we weren't joking about the washing powder....

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Snow !!!

There was great excitement on Monday morning this week, when we were greeted with a fresh covering of snow. Of course it was all gone by lunchtime, but it managed to stir up many stories among the locals of how this was going to be the coldest winter ever. Also on Monday our lease furniture arrived so the flat is looking much more homely and not quite so spartan.

As you might have guessed from the snow, it has turned distinctly colder here, and when the wind comes from the North (i.e. Siberia) it would cut through you. This has put a hold on my cycling to work, as it is just that bit too bracing.

Therese managed to snap some pictures of the snow and other random stuff so those will be added in due course.